University of Sunderland Snowsports president Salome Boccara was proud of the team after they returned from their annual BUDS weekend in Edinburgh last week with top 30 and top 70 results.

One of the teams’ Snow boarders placed in the top 30 and one boarder finish in the top 70.

Sunderland SnowsportsSnowsports president Salomé Boccara said: “We are really proud of everyone who competed even though we didn’t do fantastically but it was a good laugh anyway.

“Our boarders did really well actually, and one of them, Chris Calland, managed to get through to the second trials for Board Cross.

“Our skiers made really good time on the grand slalom but took a bit of a tumble, literally, on the skiing duals but we’re not too bothered.”

The BUCS Snowsports Dryslope Championship 2014 returned to Midloathian Snowsports Centre in Edinburgh for their weekend of racing.

“I think it was mostly a really great opportunity for all the new members who came this year to really get into the USSC team spirit, understand the sport even though most of them are complete beginners.

“They provided lots of support for our competitors and I think that’s really what brought BUDS together for me, and I’m sure the rest of committee.”

Boccara ended by saying: “All in all I’m pretty sure everyone on USSC had a great time despite a few booking issues that we managed to tackle as a committee at the end of the day, and judging by our new members this year, we can only do better at next year’s BUDS.”

A video from the event highlighting everything from the weekend is available to watch here:



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