Tom Swales can't wait for his first experience on real snow in the mountains

Tom Swales can’t wait for his first experience on real snow in the mountains

SportsByte’s Christabel Howdon-Bancroft spoke University of Sunderland Snow Sports Tom Swales who is charge of marketing and merchandise for the society, who talks about how he got into the sport and his dream of REAL SNOW! 

Briefly explain what you do for USSC.

I’m the marketing and merchandiser for the society – I’m responsible for this year’s logo and sponsors etc.

First experience snowboarding or skiing?

I was given lessons at Castleford Xscape for a birthday present back when I was in highschool and loved it ever since.

Best place you have been snowboarding/skiing?

Well I’ve never been abroad which leaves Xscape, and silksworth as the only place I’ve been and Xscape puts on some pretty awesome freestyle events on from time to time… pretty depressing huh?

Place you want to go most of all?

I’d kill for a season in Austria or anywhere abroad for that matter; it’d be fantastic to actually spend longer on the slope than I do on the lift getting back up it! – plus, REAL SNOW!!!

Best thing about USSC?

Out of all the messy nights and fantastic family of members, I’d have to say the opportunities that come from being with a “different” kind of sporting society are the best thing.

For example, we don’t just train all year then go on a “tour” holiday that doesn’t really involve the sport we’ve been practicing all year. We get to go abroad to some fantastic resorts for ridiculously low prices!

First accident?

Touch wood, I’ve never really had any major injuries to boot. However, I have bruised my coxis in a daft fall. It makes everything a chore, for example, I had to prepare for impact with the toilet seat like it was some kind of ass whooping of the century every single time I needed to go.

Dry slope or mountains?

Even though I’ve never been up on any, I’m going to say mountain just for the fact there’s so much more space to play with.

Sum up the USSC socials in three words?

Big Messy Shenanigans

Best place you’ve been on tour and why?

I haven’t been yet stop rubbing it in. Though, this year will always be held close to heart for being my first!



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