Sunderland's rowers won all four races at Varsity

Sunderland’s rowers won all four races at Varsity

Carrera-Jade Thorpe was ‘delighted’ with her teams victory over Teesside in this year’s Tees-Wear Varsity, as the University of Sunderland Rowers won 4-0.

Thorpe said: “I am delighted with our varsity result.

“Such a massive victory makes training everyday worth it,” the rowing president added

The University of Sunderland’s rowing team won all four races in their match against Teesside. Victories in the mixed 8’s, as well as the Men’s and Women’s doubles shows the strength and quality of the squad.

Thorpe said: “A clean sweep of 4-0 is exactly the result we wanted.”

The rowing president said before the competition that she hoped to win every race against Teesside in this year’s varsity, so the result may not have surprised Thorpe who backed her teams ability to win.

“[I am] proud of what we’ve achieved in the last year and beating Teesside just shows the strength that our racing club has.”

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UOS Rowing V Teesside Varsity 2016