Picture credit: Antonia Barraclough

Picture credit: Antonia Barraclough

Waterpolo Vice President Elliot Pemberton remains positive that the team can find a venue for the new season and improve on last seasons performances.

Despite good interest at the Freshers Fayre, the Waterpolo team are currently unable to train after the pool they were using last year increased its rent prices.

He said: “Last year we used to train for an hour every Sunday at the Aquatic Centre but this year the current operators decided to increase the rent of the pool. That was not sustainable for us.

“They were also unwilling to move our session to a weekday and or give us another day to train so unfortunately we have no pool to train in, but we are working with the university to look else where.

“We are still very confident in getting a Waterpolo team together this year, as we have had a lot of interest.”

And after struggling for numbers last year, Pemberton knows there is a huge challenge ahead.

He said: “Participation last year was all over the place as we only had between five or six members turn up at each training session and for our BUCS league fixtures we had to really push to try and get seven players.”

But despite this, Pemberton remains optimistic of the teams chances.

“We did the best we could last year, but with participation levels rising and hopefully a new facility with better training hours, we might just be able to make a respectable dent into the BUCS league table.”

Both the Men’s and Women’s team play in the Northern 2B BUCS league with fixtures scheduled to start later this month.



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