Sunderland Mens Football 3rd team coach Daniel Kendal and captain Joe Nixon reflected on a disappointing end to their league campaign.

Sunderland lost their final match of the campaign 5-0 away to York St John 4ths and Dan Kendal was disappointed to end the season on a losing note.

“It was arguably our first bad game of the season” said Kendal. “It’s a shame to end on that note but I think we can only blame ourselves today and I think the players know that.

“The captain Joe Nixon has had a hard season, he’s battled on through injury and for me probably man of the match in not just today’s game but for the whole season because he’s just given absolutely everything.’

He added: “We’ve had many issues this year, but the lads have shown throughout the season that they have got a lot of heart and determination and a couldn’t ask anymore from them.”

Speaking to SportsByte, Nixon said: “It was a bit disheartening, they were a very good team, they took their chances and we really couldn’t get out of our half.

“We tried to keep it as solid as we could at the back, Dan Winterburn in the middle played well. He was a good shield in front of us and Jack Mensforth also played well.”

He continued: “We’ll see what we get in the summer, we’ll look to see who we have in trials and we just move forward from there.”