Whitley Bay Warriors face Hull Pirates back-to-back this weekend, facing them away on Saturday and then at home on Sunday.

Warriors are rolling off a high last week after shaming Nottingham Lions last Sunday in an 11-2 victory, which saw Whitley stay in sixth place in the NIHL North 1 League. They sit one place, but three points behind Hull Pirates as they drop down the league table following their 3-2 defeat against Solway Sharks on November, 24.

After picking up three goals last Sunday, Ben Campbell has now moved up into the top spot of the league’s player stats, overtaking Pirates skater Jason Hewitt who is two points behind him.

Within the Whitley Bay team, Campbell is the danger for the Pirates, scoring 26 goals over this season, proving to be Bay’s best player at the moment with 20 goals higher than teammate Sam Zajac who sits in second place within the team-only stats.

Looking back at the last match between the two teams back at the beginning of the season, Warriors didn’t come off very well. An 8-1 defeat saw them in a five-week slump until their first victory of the season against Sutton Sting, at the end of September.

If Warriors use their victory last week as momentum and win both games this weekend, they hold the chance to not only tighten the gap, but to climb over into 5th place.

Worst case scenario, if Warriors lose one or both games they will stay in sixth as Blackburn Hawks – who also has two games to play this weekend will only move one point behind them.

While seventh-place Sutton gets a weekend rest from the weekend regrouping after a close 3-2 defeat against Solihull Barons last Sunday.