University of Sunderland Women’s Basketball 1st’s team | Photo Credit: Mantas Baranauskas

Coach Harry Wood said breaks were “the key to success” as University of Sunderland Women’s Basketball 1st’s cruised to 73-61 victory over the University of York.

Sunderland’s women dominated to open up a 20-point lead at the end of the first quarter, with York struggling to break the defence and the offence of the Wearsider’s throughout.

The second quarter was evenly matched with York gaining a foothold in the game, but Sunderland held onto a 41-24 lead.

In the third quarter, the visitors reduced the score to an 11-point difference, but Sunderland kept an even quarter to ensure a comfortable lead into the final quarter.

The home side went on to cruise through the fourth quarter the better of the two sides, and performed like they did in the first to win by 12 points.

After the game Wood revealed the game plan was to hit them on the break and felt it was the “key to their success”.

He said: “In the beginning particularly we established a lead to start off with, so we were getting out outward passes moving and people going on the break and that was the key to success tonight.”

Wood also said the team trained for scenarios where the breaks didn’t work with a five out offence that helped them move the ball around and create easier shooting opportunities: “Overall, the things that I’ve been working in practice came to fruition tonight.”

Looking ahead to the future Wood felt his team needed to work on offence when playing against a defensively strong side.

He said: “We have to work a lot more on our offensive play against a really good defensive team, so what I’ll be working on is having post players in and more movement off the ball and stuff on offence.”

Club President Magdalena Cybulska was the stand-out performer and felt the difference between the two sides was teamwork, with Sunderland showing better teamwork than their opposition.

She said: “I think we showed more teamwork than the other team because for example me and some players we had really good action, we already know each other, so that was really helpful.”

The Sunderland Women look ahead to their next game, when they host York St John University on the 6 December.