Ahead of tomorrow’s game against Ipswich, we spoke to Tractor Boys fan Owen Riches to preview the big match…

Ipswich are 12th in the league currently. What’s gone wrong so far this season?
I’m not exactly sure what’s gone wrong so far – although there’s a collective concern for the desire from a large segment of players – especially when the fans are doing their part (3000+ to Charlton). The poor start to the season was arguably excusable, with the amount of new signings needing time to gel, but that doesn’t appear to have ever happened. Consistency is a real issue, there are very rarely two good performances in a row.

Was Paul Cook right to be sacked, or would you have given him more time?
I was surprised that Paul Cook was sacked – and the whole sacking could’ve been managed in a much better way from the club. There certainly should have been somebody else lined up within the week to replace him, and the uncertainty that has came with not having a manager has led to a string of diabolical performances.

Which Sunderland player worries you the most?
Sunderland seem to have a fair few very dangerous players for us from what I’ve seen – Ross Stewart seems to be pretty decent in-front of goal, and that will definitely be a challenge unless we up our game…considering we made Barrow look like Barcelona in the week.

What’s your score prediction for the match?
I think it’ll be another Sunderland win. 2-0 I’ll say. Ross Stewart getting one…not sure about the other.

Where do you predict both sides to finish at the end of the season?
Ipswich will finish top-half, but outside the playoffs. 10th I’d say. Sunderland will sneak into the automatic promotion places, and we’ll be seeing the Tyne-Wear derby match next season…