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Match report: Team Sunderland Men’s Basketball 1sts 94 – 70 Durham Men’s 2nds

Sunderland Men’s 1sts 94 – 70 Durham Men’s 2nds

Sunderland Men’s 1sts defeated Durham Men’s 2nds by 24 points.

Sunderland were dominant for the majority of the game and managed to win the opening three quarters ultimately pushing them to their victory with Mario Tanuous racking up 31 points for his side.

Sunderland were looking to get revenge on Durham having fell to a 95-57 defeat just three weeks ago despite a fantastic display from Kostas Omeregie.

The first quarter ended 22-16 with Omeregie once again at his very best earning six points.

Sunderland began to run away with it in the second quarter winning 29-12 with Tanuous scoring 10 points to make the game 51-28 before half time.

Daniel Awad got the hosts off to a flying start in the third quarter before Tanuous added another 10 points to his name winning the quarter 25-12. With a 36-point lead that looked to be game over heading into the final quarter.

Sunderland did manage to see out the game, but it wasn’t for the want of trying from Durham who did well to reduce the score however it wasn’t enough to stop this resilient Sunderland side.

Although Tanuous scored 31 points it was a great team performance from Sunderland and that shouldn’t overlook the 16 points from Awad, 14 points from Omeregie and the 17 points from Ali Junior Ndavitabi. Charlie Duxfield got 11 points to his name and Yousiff Nakhla also got three points for his team.