Team Sunderland

Sunderland Men’s 3rds captain opens up about his responsibilities as captain

Danny Jackson-Brown, the captain of Sunderland Men’s 3rds football team, has revealed the responsibilities that come with the role, and how he balances university sport with university work.

“Obviously leadership is a major skill that’s crucial to be a captain. That’s really developed by playing the role of captain so far this season” said Jackson-Brown, when talking about the skills he has learned and improved on since being captain.

Being captain comes with responsibilities and Jackson-Brown said: “It’s also majorly important to understand the lads in my team physically in terms of how they play, but also away from football so that as a group we can have the best chemistry possible and be able to utilise that.”

When asked if there are any challenges involved with balancing school with sport, he stated: “Challenges I’d probably say no, very aware that it needs to be balanced. Being in a major role at the club of men’s football is something that’s definitely added substance to my uni experience this season”.

Sunderland Men’s 3rds are top of their league with 0 points dropped going into the Christmas break.