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Team Sunderland Netball win 44-36 against a strong Newcastle side

Sunderland Netball Women’s 1sts continue with their unbeaten run at home with a win against Newcastle Women’s 4ths.

The first team fell short in the first quarter after Newcastle used the space on the court to advance and create a good lead against the home side.

During the second quarter, the possession of the ball was equal between the two teams. Sunderland had corrected the defensive errors they had made during the first quarter, and this benefited them massively.

Within the closing minutes of the second quarter, Sunderland manage to take control of the game.

With the lead in their hands, Sunderland started the third quarter strong, both attacking and defensively. Newcastle began to pull back with only six minutes remaining.

The added pressure did not affect Sunderland’s composure as they added to the score line.

Trying to regain control of the game, Newcastle worked from the home side’s mistakes in the fourth quarter. Yet it was the first team to take home the win.