Drew McIntyre needs to win World Heavweight Championship at WrestleMania XL



Drew McIntyre has been doing some of the best work of his WWE career in recent months, a heel run that has been defining for many reasons. Still, to cement it fully, he must win the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania.

At WrestleMania 40, Drew McIntyre will get another shot at Seth Rollins’ World Heavyweight Championship after winning the Elimination Chamber by eliminating Randy Orton in the final two. The time is now for McIntyre to get the moment he couldn’t get due to unfortunate circumstances four years ago.

Since about November, this character that McIntyre has portrayed on screen has been excellent work, perhaps some of the best work of his current WWE run, because he has used the same motivations he has had as a babyface, but with this current character, it has seen him stick with those reasons but use them for selfish reasons.

CM Punk coming back has added another layer to this current run of McIntyre, and that is because McIntyre has a dislike for Punk. The Straight Edge superstar returned to try and finish his story, which was to win the Royal Rumble and go on to the main event of Wrestlemania, which is what McIntyre wanted to do.


Yet within that Rumble match, McIntyre hit his future shock DDT on Punk, and before you knew it, Punk had a torn right tricep, which put him out with injury. McIntyre then came out on Raw and said he prayed for this; it just adds to how much desperation and spite there is, which adds to his heel persona.

Also, his social media posting has been outrageous, and that is in a good way; usually, bad guys just put their stuff on TV, but McIntyre has used X (formerly known as Twitter) as well as merchandise to extend his character beyond television, becoming more of a generational hater.

McIntyre wants the World Heavyweight Championship; he wants to fulfil the dream he has set for himself, so much so that a few weeks ago on Raw, after that wild weekend of ‘We Want Cody’ trending all over X that McIntyre was telling Seth that they should be the World Heavyweight Championship Match at WrestleMania and was again for his reasons telling Cody Rhodes to go and finish his story but subtly putting out because the finish is predictable.

McIntyre reiterates how he had no help when he was on the receiving end of Bloodline beatdowns. Now, in his recent victories, he has had interference to help him win his matches; the first was against Cody on Raw, with Solo Sikoa hitting a Samoan Spike on Cody, and McIntyre took advantage of it, not to mention McIntyre pinning a flat-out Randy Orton who Logan Paul knocked out with brass knuckles on his hand.

From what was a slow-burn story in November and December to now into the leading months of WrestleMania, McIntyre has got people talking that he should win the World Title at Mania because this is some of the best character work he has produced.

Before I finish and say why he should win, I want to touch on this past Monday’s Raw, in which McIntyre was telling World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins to back out of the Bloodline business because McIntyre knows first-hand that The Bloodline will get involved in their match at Mania and tarnish his moment.


McIntyre does not care about the greater good or anybody else’s business apart from his own; they have used three years of storytelling within this current plot with McIntyre and Rollins. Plus, it was McIntyre who Rollins told to get over The Bloodline. But the role has switched; Seth is trying to protect the future of the WWE because he needs to; he said to McIntyre this past week on Raw that some risks are worth taking.

The question is whether McIntyre would aid in the battle to take down the Bloodline or if he’s fixated on the World Heavyweight Championship.


Ultimately, it is time to put the title on McIntyre; he is currently in one of the best runs of his career in WWE; his run as a heel has been brilliant and worth paying attention to, whether it’s the small details on social media or just the way he portrays himself on TV.

Plus, with McIntyre as champion, you can get some great stories with him, especially with CM Punk when he returns from injury. So yes, it’s time Drew McIntyre gets his moment in front of the fans because this character has many more layers to it, and the World Title will add to it.