Team Sunderland

Sunderlands badminton mens double reaches qualifier finals at BUCS Nationals

The badminton duo of Tee Cheng Bin and Jordan Lee got knocked out in the qualifiers final at this years BUCS Nationals.

The two Sunderland Uni students travelled to Sheffield to compete in this years BUCS Nationals.

Bin and Lee just missed out on their own expectations of reaching the Round of 16.

They had a relatively easy game against the double from Nottingham Trent, winning it 21-13; 21-17.

Second round of qualifiers was a bit tighter but they still managed to power through and beat the duo from Birmingham 21-19; 21-19.

This result meant they had reached the qualifiers final one step closer to their goal.

They met Oxfords Tim Bodani and James Lin in the final. Bin and Lee managed to win the first set but dropped the other two.

A bit of a heartbreak there as they just missed out on their goal.

“I feel sad. I feel so sorry for my partner because my leg has a little bit of cramp, so I can’t say I (gave) 100% for myself,” said Bin.

He added: “I think if I’m not cramped maybe the game could have been easier, and maybe we could win.”