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Why couldn’t Gateshead play in the National League Play Offs and what does it mean for their future? 

Gateshead FC were informed by the EFL that they were ineligible to compete in this season’s play offs.  

The club failed to reach a 10-year leasing agreement with the council, meaning they do not comply with the EFL stadium rules.  

This effectively means that the Heed are unable to be promoted into League Two and it will remain that way until they agree to a lease of at least 10 years for the Gateshead International Stadium.  

Despite working hard to finish in sixth place in the National League this season, the future of the club’s development is now at risk.  

We spoke to North-East journalist Daniel Wales about what the future could hold for the club. He said: “You could argue it puts a ceiling on the club’s development… For a player’s point of view that would perhaps put them off joining the club but I would say that Gateshead’s current squad who are under contract love playing for the club under Rob Elliot and I actually think they will stay a lot of them.”