Sunderland’s Luke O’Nien begins workout live-streams to raise money for NHS

Fan favourite Sunderland right-back Luke O’Nien streamed his first live workout on the Future You YouTube channel this morning.


5,400 people tuned in from 10AM to join O’Nien in keeping active during the UK’s lockdown.

The footballer and now Netflix star since featuring heavily in season 2 of Sunderland ‘Til I Die has set up a Virgin Money giving page alongside donations that can be made during the stream to raise money for the NHS.


One participant, Sunderland fan Paul Wilkinson, said: “It’s a really enjoyable workout that gets all the family off from the sofa and get a sweat on.

“Luke is really great in the workout and really encourages people to push to their limits, all for a great cause.

“Footballers have been heavily criticised recently, however, it is important to remember the good they also do through examples like this workout.”

O’Nien will continue to stream morning workouts every week-day during the lockdown.