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The financial impact of the pandemic on North East amateur rugby union clubs

Gateshead Rugby Football Club are keen to stress just how important grassroots sports clubs are to the community, after a year of extreme difficulty for the sport.

Rugby clubs across the country have been hit hard by the pandemic. The closure of bars across the country meant that the rugby club had to comply with public health measure, but this meant they lost a vital source of revenue. Furthermore, the club was also forced to abandon their annual beer festival which was also a major source of income for the club.

However, the reception to the clubs reopening on April 12 has highlighted just how much the club means to the community.

Phil Walton of Gateshead RFC believes that the club’s role in the community is vital.

According to Mr Walton: “We are a community club and part of our ethos is that we are at the heart of the community.”