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Red Cards Sin bins and Offsides as Silksworth lose to Windscale

Silksworth CW Manager Stobbart speaks out on wearside league officials after controversy vs Windscale

During Saturday’s defeat to Windscale AFC involved 2 red cards a sin bin and multiple yellow cards with huge offside call that had silksworth in uproar

Only 5 minutes into the game Windscale went 1-0 up but the linesman appeared to miss a clear offside. A shot that seemed to be rolling into the hands of Goalkeeper Matthew Patterson but was placed passed him by Lewis Jolly, who appeared to be yards offside but it wasn’t given.

This set the tone for Silksworth’s afternoon feeling hard done by, they turned on the officials and multiple cards were given before half time as Silksworth went into the break 4-1 down

Only two minutes into the second half Matt Sempill made it 5-1 and Silksworth never looked like they were going to score after that.

Frustration started to show for Silksworth as Adam Story was given a sin bin due to dissent towards the referee, followed by a red card to centre back Fraser Colling again for dissent towards the referee.

Silksworths troubles were made even worse when Manager Andy Stobbart was sent off in the 86th minute as he received two back to back yellow cards for again dissent towards the referee.

Andy Stobbart stated “ I understand that we all make mistakes, me more than most but the inconsistency is frustrating but something again we all have to live with. A yellow to each side would have stopped the loss of control red cards and sin bins”