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Newcastle Eagles’ season so far

By Ryan O’Hara and Annika Böttcher

Newcastle Eagles’ captain Darius Defoe calls for “balance” from the team in order to turn the season around.

Defoe was the only returning senior player for the Eagles this season and has been with the club for just shy of 20 years.

Through the first third of the season, the Eagles sit in ninth place in the BBL table and boast a 2-9 record. 

Defoe said: “It’s been an up and down season. It’s been a tough year. 

“We’re just trying to find the balance to push our way up the table.”

The Tyne and Wear side have brought in many players and a new head coach, Marc Steutel this season. 

Defoe added: “It is a rebuilding, but it’s all about being patient.”

The Eagles have had many heartbreaking losses this season. Whether it has been poor game management, not enough time to stage a comeback or blowing a late lead it affects the Eagles. 

The captain added: “As a team, we don’t like losing. We take it very personally, especially me, I take it very personally. It’s been drilled into me that losing is not an option, we try to win every game, no matter what happens.”

Although the season has not been reflective of the Eagles talent, Newcastle did grab victories against Plymouth City Patriots and Bristol Flyers who currently sit fourth and second.

The captain said: “He has done really well and hats off to him for what he has achieved so far and what he’s trying to achieve.

“With him he got a vision of where he wants the team to be and we got to support him.”

After missing out on the playoffs last season, the Newcastle Eagles will feed off of the crowd. The Vertu Motors Arena always brings extra energy to see their team win.