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Clash of the Ministers Basketball: Team Sunderland Men’s Firsts complete Varsity Sweep 80-50

For the second straight week, Team Sunderland’s Men Basketball proved too difficult a team to handle for their Varsity competition. Unlike last week, The Orange and Blue matched up against a taller York St. John’s team than Teesside lined up with.

Behind great shooting from their guards, and the constant presence in the paint, Sunderland went on an early 19-4 run in the first quarter, much to the delight of the home crowd.

York showed up with the drive to defend the Varsity title they won last year, but no one proved capable to stop the home team after rounding out the first quarter up 34-10.

With a dominating lead after the first quarter, Sunderland played some of their second team to hold the lead. This was when York took advantage and outscored the hosts 17-9 in the second quarter.

Most of the second half was surrounded with the passionate cheers from both York St. John’s and Sunderland as three pointers were made and chants echoed throughout the hall giving life to the rivalry.

Quarters three and four were an even contest with Sunderland outscoring York St. John’s by only four, an improvement the visitors will be pleased with on their journey home.

Sunderland’s 30 point victory picked up three points for team Sunderland to contribute to their monumental 45-6 Clash of the Ministers victory.

This was the second straight week the 1st outscored their opponent by 30+ points and next year should be delightful turnaround, as the team will look to improve from their 6-4 record this season.