Communication a problem despite positive start to season for NCL Vikings Valorant Team

NCL Vikings’ Valorant Captain, Brandon, claims communication is a problem despite a positive start to the season.

Brandon Thomason is the captain of the NCL Vikings Valorant team. His side has won 6 games this season and has only suffered one defeat. 

But they have managed to qualify for the next Swiss round following the Christmas break. But for all the positives, Brandon spoke out on a lack of communication within the team:

“We are in good form, but there are some problems like listening. Only with two players, and that’s just because one of them is inexperienced, and the other seems to go off. “

The Vikings’ last win came on the 22nd of November in a 3-0 victory, though it was a handed victory due to their opponents forfeiting.:

“The win is a bit of a confidence boost, but we don’t want it to get to us fully; just treat it as any normal game and start practising again.”

There is only one defeat this season in Valorant for the Vikings, and Brandon admits there’s a shift in mentality:

“It shifted quite a lot because we generally thought we would win all the other games, and we got smashed on the last one, so we practice more for the next one.”