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F1 Launch Season 2024: Red Bull launch the RB20

In the final launch of the 2024 season, Red Bull launched the RB20, which they hope will dominate the season in the same way they did in 2023.

Credit: Red Bull racing

The launch was mainly a celebration of 20 years of Red Bull, as the team will turn 20 at the end of the year, with a montage of the team’s best moments, such as the first podium in Monaco in 2006, the first win in 2009, and the dramatic 2021 finale.

There was also Max Verstappen driving the 2005 RB01 and interviews with staff who have been at the team since the Stewart and Jaguar days that pre-dated the Red Bull era.

Designer Adrian Newey said, “We’ve made some improvements to the car in all areas: mechanical, vehicle dynamics, and aerodynamics.”

The car this year has a change in design philosophy and features an aggressive sloping sidepod and a long “elephant trunk” along the engine cover. These both are a trend across the grid this year and seem to be the key part of this generation of regulation.

Credit: Red Bull racing

These design choices are certainly set to make rival design offices sit up and say, “‘holy sh*t’, where do we go from here?.”

The car ran at Silverstone earlier in the week and has given the team confidence with Newey saying “We know roughly what we’ve done from the shakedown at Silverstone, it seems to have – from what we can tell – behaved as we expected it to,”

The livery remains unchanged and is the classic Red Bull look that has been around since 2021. When it comes to drivers Max Verstappen comes into this season hunting for his fourth title and his third in a row.

Credit: Red Bull Racing

While teammate Sergio Perez is facing a fight to stay at the team as his contract expires at the end of the year and Red Bull has heirs to his throne in Liam Lawson and their ex-driver Daniel Ricciardo.

This was the final launch before testing runs from next Wednesday through to Saturday.

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