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‘That’s the problem’ – Ex-Gateshead academy manager offers solution to football’s financial troubles

Financial fair play in football is becoming an ever-growing topic of discussion with its flaws more and more noticeable over the years.

Football clubs are naturally growing richer at the top and that is beginning to filter down into the lower leagues with finances a huge part of the game even in the 9th and 10th tiers.

However, whilst some grow richer, some are beginning to struggle and others have already fallen victim to the rise in capital.

Former Gateshead head of recruitment, Kane Wears, has said how he would tackle this in the future: “I think it’ll be interesting with the independent regulator that comes in. How they’re going to deal with it from top to bottom.

“I think from non-league all the way up to the professional game, you have to show proof of funds. For example, if a club decide to add an extra £1,000 a week to their budget they should then have to put £1,000 a week into a fund or a bank to prove they’ve got the funds there that they can’t just throw a bit at it, then after a few weeks it goes pop and leave the club in a position of financial difficulty and instability.”

This is something Wears also believes should apply for prospective new owners of clubs. He added: “If you’re taking over a club you should have to show that you have a certain amount of money before going into the season so that if anything did happen you then have the ability to go and recover.”

Bolton Wanderers, Bury, Derby County, Wigan Athletic, Portsmouth, Coventry City and Marske United are just a handful of clubs that have had their fair share of financial troubles in recent times.

Whilst most of these clubs are now back on track and being ran in a much healthier way, Kane urges all owners and clubs to think about the long-term stability over short-term success regardless of the level you play at.

He said: “That’s the problem with non-league football at the minute. People put a bit of money in for quick success, but the next year are in the same position.”