Takeaways from Survivor Series: War Games 2023


(Picture courtesy of WWE)

This past weekend the WWE presented for the 37th time Survivor Series with the caveat being War Games it was a night filled with drama and a return many would never see the light off. Plus standout performances that set the tone as we get ready for the Road To WrestleMania 40. With that said here are the top takeaways from the 37th annual Survivor Series.

1. Babyface Bayley slowly coming back

(Picture courtesy of WWE)

Damage CTRL featuring Kairi Sane, Asuka, WWE Women’s Champion Iyo Sky, and Bayley took on the team of Bianca Belair, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Shotzi inside the double-caged War Games. With Damage CTRL being a team you would think it would guarantee them the win inside the structure.

Yet Belair and her team walked out of the cage as the winners despite Bayley doing everything she could to have gotten the win for her side by breaking up each pinfall, She fell to a manhandle slam through a table and ate the pin from Lynch.

Since the added editions of Auska and Kairi Sane, for weeks on TV, it has seemed like there is no space for Bayley anymore as we’ve seen Dakota Kai take over the leadership role within the group, meaning it’s a matter of a sooner rather than later of Bayley kicked out the faction she started.

This could lead to a positive, Bayley has been a heel since October 2019 and done well in that role but it could be time to switch things up. WrestleMania 40 is on the horizon, she’s one of two Horsewomen who has yet to win the Royal Rumble. The story could lead to a big showdown between Bayley and Iyo Sky for the Women’s Championship.

2. Santos Escobar is set to be a future top heel in the main event scene

(Picture Courtesy of WWE)

With the recent betrayal of Santos Escobar on Rey Mysterio and leaving the LWO (Latino World Order), he has shown a persona that he is more comfortable with, a persona that thrived during his stint in NXT when Legado Del Fantasma was a faction.

The future of Lucha Libre in WWE is quite safe with Dragon Lee and Santos Escobar doing good work right now as they proved Saturday Night in their match together – a shame it got cut a little bit for time.

But Santos Escobar can be a top player in this heel role in the main event scene in the long term future because without a doubt when Rey comes back there will be a big payoff due to Escobar’s recent betrayal two weeks ago on Smackdown and again it could very well be at WrestleMania 40.

3. Miz should be given a chance at a real babyface run

(Picture Courtesy of WWE)

Whilst Miz is a good heel he has also been able to show on many occasions that he can do as well in a babyface role and this could be the role that can keep him relevant because there’s only so much more he can do as a villain and he’s running out.

Miz showed in this feud with Gunther and in the match as well that he is able to get the fans on his side and that right there does show there is a lot that can be done with Miz in this current role, in the past they have failed with it.

But on that episode of Raw last week and credit to Gunther for the way he did this btw, he made Miz the most beloved man in that ring by berating him, and bullying him with verbal insults and it got the fans roaring for Miz the possibilities here are very interesting, heck he could feud with Finn Balor and Damian Priest for the tag belts.

4. Randy Orton is a welcome sight on WWE TV

(Picture Courtesy of WWE)

For the first time since May 2022, Randy Orton made his return at Survivor Series in the Men’s War Games match and he was looking in the best shape of his career which is great to see as he had double fusion back surgery keeping him out for quite some time.

Yet The Viper is back on our screens, doing Hangman DDTs and RKO’s Out of Nowhere, it’s safe to say by that reaction in Chicago the fans missed Orton.

No one is going to get sick of Randy Orton anytime soon and he isn’t done with his career by making a gesture Saturday Night after the show saying he could go for 10 more years, the wrestling bug is still with the WWE’s Apex Predator and we anticipate his next move.

5. The Element of Surprise nailed by WWE with CM Punk return

(Picture courtesy of WWE)

Earlier this year CM Punk made his return to AEW after a big incident in August 2022 at AEW All Out in Chicago. The return did not last long though as at AEW’s biggest show in its entire company history All In 2022 at Wembley Stadium another incident took place which then led to his exit from the company as a whole.

Punk was then a free agent, but not anymore he isn’t as Saturday Night when that static hit after what many people throughout the week led up to the event were thinking would not happen, needless to say, it happened.

After nine years away from the company that he left on a sour note, came back to his hometown in Chicago at the Allstate Arena, that music hit and the arrival was CM Punk to a humongous roar from the Chicago Crowd, the moment was delivered.

Punk being back gives an added boost to WWE especially when they have 10 weeks of television content to fill out on RAW and Smackdown as they build up toward the Royal Rumble. The WWE has two huge stars on both of its brands right now and it is certainly going to make things interesting on the road to WrestleMania 40 where who knows Punk could finally get that Main Event of Mania.

Survivor Series 2023 was a night to remember for Wrestling fans as Randy Orton and CM Punk made huge returns and are set to be a pivotal part of the product going forward. So buckle up folks the Road to Philadelphia just got even bigger.

Welcome to WrestleMania Season.