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Esports wins Team Sunderland November Club of the Month

Team Sunderland Esports won Club of the Month for November in a presentation with University of Sunderland Vice-Chancellor Sir David Bell last week.

Team Sunderland Esports accept their Club of the Month award for November.

Committee President Edie Brady acknowledged that it was “great” to receive the award, citing the team’s charity events and socials as reasons they may have earned the accolade – and gave an update on upcoming events in January.

“It’s great to get this recognition,” Brady told SportsByte. “We’ve worked really hard to raise money for charity and put on great events for the team, so I truly believe it’s well deserved.

“I think probably our charity events [helped set the team apart]! We hosted a karaoke evening, and even an arts and crafts social, which were both really unique and a lot of fun. We also went a bit away from the norm choosing to support Oddballs over Movember amongst other teams, and raised £154!”

In what has been a team effort from the Team Sunderland club, Brady expressed her gratitude to the entire team for their work in earning the achievement.

“The whole team deserves commendation for their efforts. Our graphic designer Ethan worked particularly hard to make awesome social media content to promote the events, and the committee of course for their dedication to always being there.

“Although a special shout-out must be made for all of the people brave enough to get up and sing karaoke in front of everyone at our socials!

“We’ve got a range of different stuff still going on in January, I think we’re one of the only teams to actually do a weekly social which is nice. On January, 17 we’ve got our charity event for the month down at /afk bar, which will be e-sports tenable.

“Then on the following Wednesdays, our committee has planned some more exciting game days like GeoGuessr and an esports quiz, which are definitely unique and not to be missed! I’d encourage anyone interested in esports to come down.”