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F1 block Andretti-GM entry bid for 2025 in shock move

F1 commercial bosses have announced that they have blocked the FIA-approved entry from Andretti and General Motors for 2025.

Credit: Andretti Global

Although the bid passed the FIA’s tests the team still needed the approval from F1.  Andretti have built a wind tunnel chassis and set up technical bases in Cologne and Silverstone and signed key personnel such as ex-Renault and Mclaren Formula E team member Nick Chester . Even with this high level of preparation, this rejection still  has not come as a surprise as F1 and its teams have repeatably said that they did not want Andretti for several reasons, such as a reduction in the distribution of prize money.

Credit: Andretti Global

The biggest reasons given for rejection in F1’s statement were given as they would be building a car just before a brand new regulation change and the team being seen not to be giving enough of a commercial boost to F1. Another concern given by F1 was that it would increase costs for its partners such as race promoters, which would not be supplemented by the value GM and Adrertti would bring as f1 would add more value to Andretti rather than the reverse. However, F1 has said they could re-submit for 2028.

Another big issue was that although GM has signed up to build an engine from 2028, They in fact would not be building one from the point of entry and that Renault would ultimately have to provide an entry with them not currently supplying any customer engines.

F1 have also included concerns around the competiveness of such an entry which has caused somewhat high levels of anger from the F1 fanbase as with the fact they have a chassis in the wind tunnel and GM have staff working on the car already this claim does seem to be somewhat dumb founded.

This decision will ultimately cause a further rift amongst the FIA (who along with the fans) wanted this project to go ahead as an American factory outfit has been called for many years and in this case one of the world’s biggest sporting names partnering with a massive company like General Motors was seen to be the right option. This may have come at the wrong time as FIA-F1 relations are at the worst they have been for over 10 years.

This could also risk a court case as US or EU compeition law could be in violation here with such a rejection when F1 is at its highest value right now.

Ultimately it is now  a waiting game to see what will happen in the coming days in terms of wether this decsion will be reversed.