Lewis Hamilton to join Ferrari from 2025


(Credit: Sky Sports)

Ferrari has officially announced that Lewis Hamilton will be joining the prancing horse of F1 from 2025.

The news was the topic of February 1st, and it was the most significant signing and most prominent news of Transfer Deadline Day, so it was quite the day to announce it. 

Throughout the day, the news was being spread, with people thinking it was happening. By 7 PM, Mercedes released a statement confirming that Lewis Hamilton would be leaving the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team at the end of the year.

Ferarri would then later release a statement confirming the rumours that Hamilton would be joining them in 2025 and that the seven times World Champion had signed a multi-year deal. 

Did anyone see it coming? I don’t think anybody did because it has never looked nor felt that Lewis would drive for anyone other than Mercedes; he started his F1 career with a Mercedes engine when he started with McLaren in 2007 and won his first World Championship the following year. 

Hamilton recently signed a new two-year deal, but Mercedes revealed in the statement that his contract had an exit clause. Something must have changed in the offseason; maybe it’s the fact that his best chance at an eighth World Championship could be with Ferrari; he may think they are far ahead in the development for the regulation changes come 2026 compared to Mercedes.

It is the end of an era as Lewis Hamilton, following the 2024 season, will no longer be a Mercedes driver and instead wear the red overalls and drive for one of the most historic Formula 1 Teams in 2025.