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F1 Launch Season 2024: Stake launch their C44

In an online launch on their streaming platform, Kick, Stake (Sauber) launched their 2024 challenger, the c44.

Credit: Sauber Motorsport AG

In their first season away from Alfa Romeo and their first transitional year on the road to Audi, the team seems to be going for a youthful urban look in its branding with a spray paint effect on its launch graphics, and the fact they started the launch by saying this isn’t your grandad’s F1 team, which has to be said, makes it look more like a cringey uncle than a cool and hip brand.

The launch was split into chapters, with the two drivers, Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu, saying that the team has been working hard to remove itself from the fight for the last place that it has found itself in recent years.

This year’s livery is a striking one with mainly bright green, which has been placed on the carbon chassis. This is to reflect Kick, as the word Stake won’t be able to be used at multiple grand prix as Stake is a gambling company that is widely restricted across the calendar.

Credit: Sauber Motorsport AG

In terms of structural changes, the C44 has switched to pushrod suspension at the front of the car as well as a more extreme aero package compared to last year, with, for example, the lower edge of the sidepod inlet being moved forward as well as the sidepod having a different shape and style of undercut than last year.

Rather than the sidepods being wide and running smoothly down to the rear, the C44 has a taller midsection that creates a more concave surface in a way similar to the ‘waterslide’ style designs we’ve seen on the Mercedes towards the end of 2023.

This has led to technical director James Key stating the C44 is “virtually a completely new car” compared to last year’s C43. The team has also invested heavily in its CFD department, which should hopefully improve its ability to upgrade the car throughout the upcoming season. With the team already planning aggressive updates.

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