F1 Launch Season 2024: Williams launch their 2024 livery

In a launch that took place at Puma’s flagship store in New York, Williams have launched their 2024 challenger in which they hope they can break into the midfield pack.

Credit: Williams Racing

While not the actual chassis, The team did launch this year’s livery which is very similar to last year. The car has a transition of dark blue to light blue which allow the team  to honor Williams of old such as the 1980s car the FW11  while yet still focusing on the new era of Dorliton Capital .The car also has other heritage elements such as the red strips on the front nose.

In terms of sponsors only one new partner has come on board this year in the industrial components firm Komatsu who return to the team after last providing gearbox components to them in the 1990s.

This years car will be the first designed completely under the leadership of ex-Mercedes man James Vowles. Speaking about the livery  Vowles said  that the 2024 livery is a mark of the “tremendous difference from last year to this year with what we’ve done commercially and that it’s also a reflection back to Frank (Williams, team founder), a reflection back to what we are as an organisation,” he added.

James Vowles has seriously worked hard to ensure the team can be purely focused on racing with him starting a revolution at grove with heavy investment in place.

Speaking on his thoughts about the new car for 2024. Driver Alex Albon stated that “We’ve asked a lot of the team and the factory to get this car where it needs to be, and we’ve also slightly changed the philosophy of the car, So I’m interested to see if we can improve some of the characteristics it has historically had. It will require an adjustment in driving style but I’m confident it will be a change for the better.”

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