Cody Rhodes must finish the story at WrestleMania 40



On Sunday, April 7, Cody Rhodes will main-event WrestleMania for the second successive time, facing Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Rhodes last year just came up short at WrestleMania 39 against The Tribal Chief.

We are one weekend out from the show of shows, and Rhodes has undoubtedly proved himself as the face of the company over this past year. So now is the time to pull the plug on the WWE’s biggest babyface since John Cena. Here is why he should win the title.

Connection with the fans


No superstar connects perfectly with a crowd better than the American Nightmare. Every week, when he comes out on either Raw, SmackDown or a WWE live event, you have fans singing along with his song and screaming Woah, which is part of his entrance Music.

Rhodes has become an inspiration to kids who attend shows, and you have people showing up with signs asking him to be the best man at a wedding or just casually sharing special moments with them. Not to mention people have gone as far into wearing what Rhodes wears to the ring, being their own versions of the American Nightmare, because they love him.

The support he has managed to grow has made him one of the top three trending topics for three days straight on X (formerly known as Twitter). #wewantcody was the message from his fanbase after seeing what had happened with Rock coming back and seemingly taking his spot at the time. Everyone understands Rhodes’ story and his desire to finish it, and everyone wants him to achieve his dream.

He connects with the audience on an emotional level. The audience feels like Rhodes does whenever he speaks on the mic, and with his facial expressions, the amount of passion and emotion he puts in his promos is straight from the heart.

Finishing the story is a necessity


For almost three years, Rhodes has talked about how winning the WWE Championship will finish the story everyone had thought last year was the moment until Solo Sikoa hit a Samoan spike and followed up with Roman Reigns hitting a spear, retaining the championship.

Rhodes promised to finish the story and win the WWE Championship, thus giving fans a promise. However, if he keeps coming up short each time, there is a chance of losing fan interest and making Rhodes’s aim tiresome, losing fan interest and the big moment that needs to happen.


On Night One of WrestleMania, Cody Rhodes and World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins will team up in the main event of WrestleMania Night 1 to take on The Rock and Roman Reigns. The stipulation is that if Rhodes and Rollins, Rhodes’ match with Reigns is free of bloodline interference. However, if Rock and Reigns with, then on night 2 in the main event, it is bloodline rules, which means any member of the bloodline can get involved.

Regardless of the outcome on night one, it is best to strike whilst the iron is hot, and with Roman Reigns’ current story, there isn’t much left he can tell with the title because the focus should be shifted to how Reigns acts as The Tribal Chief without the WWE Championship.


The face of the company


Roman Reigns has recently held up that spot as the WWE’s face of the company, but over the past year, Cody Rhodes has shown he can hold that position.

We talk about how the WWE can find someone to fill John Cena’s position or how, someday, a superstar can follow up Roman Reigns. Rhodes has shown he can be the next top guy; he has a fanbase that adores him and is a hero who inspires many.

Rhodes was the top merchandise seller for 2023 and is consistently one of the top merchandise sellers. He can represent the company well outside the ring in media appearances. Rhodes is the person who can revive the WWE Championship, which has seemingly lost some steam over the years with Reigns and his limited television appearances.

Rhodes has gone to the lengths of giving away pieces of a table or even just the whole table and his shoes; he has become a man of the people and gives it his all every time he steps out in front of the spotlight. The fans have followed him through his journey, and new fans have joined him on his current run as the American Nightmare.

The Final word


There is no bigger babyface currently than the 2nd generation superstar, and his time has come to be the face that runs the place. There is no perfect timing other than to cement that at the show of shows, the grandest stage of them all: WRESTLEMANIA.