Five superstars that could do with a move in the upcoming WWE Draft

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WrestleMania is now behind us where. Cody Rhodes finished the story, and in the aftermath, new champions were crowned, new titles were introduced, and it’s time to shake the rosters up with the WWE Draft now upon us. Superstars will be moved between all three brands, but which five need them the most? 

1. Legado Del Fantasma












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The feud between Legado Del Fantasma and the LWO has lost steam, especially since Rey Mysterio and Andrade won the tag team match at WrestleMania. Legado needs fresh opponents, and a move to RAW would benefit them, considering there are a bunch of superstars on the red brand with whom they could enter a programme. 

Plus, with Angel Garza and Humberto Carillo as the tag team of the stable, if Miz and R Truth (the current WWE World Tag Team Champions) were to stay on Raw, then there is an aim for a heel tag team that needs a win. 

What it means for Escobar is that he moves on from Rey Mysterio. He has a chance at re-establishing himself with fresh new opponents, maybe aiming for the Intercontinental Championship (if it stays on Raw), not to mention the possibility of Dominik Mysterio becoming a member, considering there have been teases on the recent programming that Judgement Day could be headed for a split. 

2. Carmelo Hayes

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One of the fastest-rising stars who has had an incredible time in WWE’s third or developmental brand, NXT Hayes, has established himself as a superstar ready for the bright lights of either a Raw or SmackDown.

He has shown he can thrive as a babyface and be a vindictive heel, as shown in his rivalry with Trick Williams. There is nothing left for Hayes to achieve in the black-and-gold brand; it is time to see if he can bring himself to another level on the Main Roster. 

3. Shinsuke Nakamura

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With NXT involved in the WWE Draft again this year but seemingly being allowed to make picks for the first time, superstars who have lost their lustre on the main roster can go down to NXT and revitalise themselves.

Shinsuke Nakamura has been on the WWE main roster since 2017, and his booking has been inconsistent. He did have title opportunities in the past year. He was in the main event of two straight PLEs in the autumn of 2023 for the World Heavyweight Championship against Seth Rollins, not to mention his mini programme with Cody Rhodes during the winter.

However, the issue Nakamura faces is that he has to take a lot of losses to superstars who are on the up and need more wins. What Nakamura could do down in NXT is not only help the future talent pass off his knowledge of the business and the workings of the main roster but at the same time experiment with himself and attempt to make himself one of the hottest acts like he was when he first came to WWE in 2016. 

4. The Final Testatment

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Karrion Kross and the AOP need more time to develop chemistry together. It doesn’t look like they will be on the main roster again because they will have to take some defeats that will hurt their momentum and only stall their momentum. 

With NXT now under the workings of WWE Hall Of Famer and legend Shawn Michaels, talent can creatively experiment and get chances to work on new things for their character. Karrion Kross can build himself up as a monster heel once more and be a foil for one of the big babyfaces Trick Williams, Whilst AOP can add to themselves to a stacked tag team division.



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LA Knight has sustained this incredible fan reaction for almost a year now, but there is no space for him in the WWE Championship scene, and I don’t think there is going to be a risk taken in which they make  Knight into a heel and have him feud with Cody Rhodes.

There are two reasons for that. The first is that even if Knight turns heel, it is guaranteed that it will backfire, and instead, the fans will turn against Rhodes. The second is that he just lost to AJ Styles, and Knight was protected in defeat, so a third match would be on the cards depending on whether Styles wins against Rhodes for the WWE Championship at BackLash a week from Saturday. 

Knight must be drafted to whichever show gets the World Heavyweight Championship. He has been ready to be a World Champion for a long time now, and that could be RAW, which, in this case, again has plenty of rivalries waiting for him and space for him in the title picture. They could play the long game with Knight on the Red brand and make the moment fans want to see worth it.


The WWE Draft starts Friday Night on SmackDown, which you can catch on TNT Sports 1, and the draft continues Monday Night on Raw Live on TNT Sports 1. The landscape is about to change as the WWE gets ready to shake things up