University of Sunderland Men’s Futsal challenged by outdoor conditions

The University of Sunderland Men’s Futsal team has had to trade the indoor court for the outdoor turf in order to resume their practices, whilst still following the government’s current Covid restrictions.

The team will be able to return to the indoor environment on May 17th when the restrictions will start to ease, but currently have to make do with the cold rainy weather outside.

Head Coach Tony Loftus believes that the outdoor environment is a challenge for the players as the unusual conditions causes the players to adapt differently in training.

“Futsal is an indoor sport, it is fast paced. You rely heavily on the indoor court.

“I’ve had to adapt the session onto what I have originally had planned but its more about getting the lads back and involved, get the movement going and try to get that preseason fitness in.”  

However, the outdoor conditions definitely hasn’t affected the players motivation to come to training.

Goalkeeper Ahmed Abdelraouf looks forward to the forthcoming preseason, stating: “As you can see the weather tonight is not very good but the boys have still come and want to train

“We have a preseason on the way so as long as we can train then thats good for us”.