The importance of anti-racism educational charities in modern day society

Since the murder of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, the importance of anti-racism educational charities has massively increased in the current social climate.

The significance of educating people about racism in society and what can be done has never been higher.

Gary Bennett, ambassador at Show Racism the Red Card, highlighted the importance that people are educated about racism in society.

Show Racism the Red Card ambassador Gary Bennett

Bennett said: “I think it’s very important. I think especially if you can educate young people, going to primary schools. The more people you can educate then the more they can get that message out. I think it’s very important that, you look at now, we’re more aware. I think we’re more understanding about racism.

“What it’s all about. I think we have to continue doing that. It’s something that we’ve been tackling for hundreds and hundreds of years, racism. People keep thinking that, has it got any better? Will we be able to stop it?

“Any form of racism is bad. No matter how little it is, any form of racism is bad. There’s no such thing as one racism is worse than the other. I think that’s the message which we’ve got to try to get across. 

“The more people we can get the message out to. It’s a case of terminology. What is right. What’s the right terminology to use. How to use it. I always use the scenario that if you feel uncomfortable with what somebody has said, then you’re only right to maybe challenge or ask that person why you feel that way.”

Bennett also touched on the significance of Show Racism the Red Card’s Wear Red Day and how it can help raise awareness about racism in society.

Bennett said: “I think that Wear Red Day is very, very important and again it’s raising awareness. We’ve gone from strength to strength. Show Racism the Red Card is national now.

“There’s a lot more people who have taken it on, coming onboard, understanding what it is and that’s it’s something that is a very, very important message throughout society. 

“I think it’s important as well, we’re not just talking about sport, we’re talking about society in general, we’re talking about University, which is very, very diverse, so it’s important that we continue with the campaign and Wear Red Day.”

Sue Schofield, an Education Team Manager at Show Racism the Red Card, pointed out the increase of people who wanted to get involved with the charity after George Floyd’s murder.

Schofield said: “It’s extremely important that they are educated. A lot of young people’s beliefs are shaped by things they have seen online or in their communities, so sometimes they tend to have a skewed view of what racism is and what is acceptable in terms of language and how we treat people.

“When George Floyd was murdered last year, we received a lot of phone calls from many organisations who wanted to reflect on themselves and look at the culture of their own organisation and whether they were as diverse as they could be.”

You can donate to Show Racism the Red Card by clicking this link or you can donate to Black Lives Matter by clicking here.