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“We can’t afford to let things slip” James Clark reflective ahead of Huddersfield tie

Source: YouTube (Nathan Bell)

Team Sunderland manager James Clark insisted that his side ‘can’t afford to let things slip’ after the team conceded its first goal of the season.

Sunderland were dominant winners against York St John’s at Ford Quarry on November 17 as braces from George Pinder and Lewis Charlton secured a 4-1 win in the league.

But despite picking up maximum points in the league, Clark appeared reflective yet frustrated at the way his side conceded.

Clark said: “The first game of the season we dominated and we were very good against them.

“Last week they came with a different game plan; we knew they would.

“We tried a different shape in the first half – didn’t necessarily work as we wanted it to – but we got the result in the end.

“Obviously, first goal of the season conceded which was disappointing, typically in the manner we conceded it.

“But overall, I’ve got to be happy with another three points.”

At this stage of the campaign it is hard to guard against complacency, knowing the team has started so strongly, but Clark believes so far it has largely been avoided.

“That’s the biggest thing we’ve just talked about in the changing rooms,” Clark added.

“To be honest, it’s important and one of the things I’ve just said to them is that last week I felt a little bit it crept in and we started sluggish.

“And you know, like I said to them, regardless of change of shape or personnel, we’ve got a squad for a reason.

“We can’t afford to let things slip.”

A win against Huddersfield would take Sunderland to the quarter final of the cup in a thrilling testament to their successful campaign so far.

Clark added: “We’re now talking in terms of ‘win this game, we’re in the quarter finals’ and it’s important we go and do the right things to get us where we need to be.”

Team Sunderland later defeated Huddersfield 2-1 on November 24 at Ford Quarry thanks to goals from George Pinder and Simon Jakab.