How much do the Germans have to fear from this year’s England Team?

The opening game against Iran gave us a glimpse of England’s form. And despite the furious 6-2 victory, the English look vulnerable in some areas.

The first 20 minutes were questionable as to whether England had a chance in this tournament, as they clearly had problems shaping the game themselves and getting into the Iranian penalty area.

It seemed as if Gareth Southgate wanted to continue the style of play of the Euro 2020.

However, you could also see that when danger came from the team from the island, it was through 21-year-old Bukayo Saka and through crosses into the penalty area.

More questionable than the first 20 minutes was only the atmosphere at the Khalifa International Stadium.

Just before the end of the first half, England turned up the tempo a bit and both Saka and Jude Bellingham put their team ahead.

These are the two players the next opponents should pay particular attention to as they stood out in this game. Saka, who was one of the unlucky players in the final a year ago, looked like he could play an important role for his country. Not to mention being one of the youngest players in the squad.

However, it is still difficult to take a final shot at the strength of the English team, as Iran, which is ranked 20th in the FIFA world rankings, was no match for them in this match.

To sum up, the English team showed some good approaches, but they still have to confirm this against a top opponent. From the German team’s point of view, there must be some concern after the performance against Japan.

Both teams can only meet in the semi-finals at the earliest.