What on earth happened on F1 testing day 2

The morning session was another rather quiet affair with Charles Leclerc leading the session with Oscar Piastri and Logan Sergeant in second and third.

There were two major issues with Sergio Perez having a brake fire as he entered pit lane as well as halfway through the four-hour session, A drain cover came loose at the exit of turn 11 and struck Leclerc’s chassis causing damage. This cancelled the rest of the morning running with the afternoon being extended by an hour and Leclerc having his floor changed by Ferrari.

The session resumed an hour later with the usual few top teams finally going for a “glory run” with Carlos Sainz being placed on the C4 soft tyre and topping the times.

The major issue in the afternoon was the engine and electronics issue of Sergio Perez who ground to a halt on the back straight and ended up coasting back to their pits.

The rest of the afternoon consisted of “glory runs” on the softest tyre compound from drivers such as Daniel Ricciardo who did a 1.31.361 to end the day 5th

The classification

Credit: Formula one

Carlos Sainz topped the day with a 1.29.921 with 84 laps completed in the afternoon on the softest tyre followed behind by the Red Bull of Perez with a 1.30.679 with 128 laps completed.

The times were quicker today as more teams went for push laps, however true pace is still yet to be shown with tomorrow expected to be the day where true pace is shown.