GUNTHER is the right choice for King Of The Ring 2024

(Photo Credit: WWE)

On May 25, the WWE will head to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the King and Queen Of The Ring PLE and will have the tournament finals. 

Already, there is a standout candidate for the King Of The Ring, and it is the man who revitalised the Intercontinental Championship and held it for 600+ days. He immediately makes the perfect candidate for the King Of The Ring. The Ring General Gunther.

Revitalising a title and setting a standard for a fallen gimmick

 (Photo by WWE/Getty Images)

What GUNTHER did during all those days of his title reign, during each title defence, his matches were always most seen because he could take control with his ruthless technical wrestling and his chops that stand out. He brought prestige and the term workhorse back to the belt that needed it and was known as the workhorse championship. 

If GUNTHER could advance to the final and win it, we would see him live up to the King Of The Ring moniker, revitalise a historic accolade, and make it meaningful again. 

A prize for the winner

(Photo Credit: WWE)

What would make Gunther’s win even more meaningful is if he had a say in which Champion he could face, similar to the Royal Rumble but not too much like it, so say if he ends up on Smackdown and Cody is on the same brand with the WWE Championship, you could have subtle teases for the next few months of television of Gunther eyeing up Rhodes’ WWE championship. 

After all, the two have a significant history together, considering they were the final two in the 2023 Men’s Royal Rumble match, in which Rhodes eliminated Gunther. Then, this year, Rhodes eliminated Gunther in the final three before he went on to win it again. 

A Villain for an American Nightmare

(Photo Credit: GUNTHER)

Gunther has this final boss type of look, a big bad that has come to take on the cheered hero and reign in on his dream run. Gunther could do just that on the bank holiday weekend in August when WWE goes to Berlin for a PLE, and he vs Rhodes would be the main event to set up. 

Gunther has this aura about him; he can command a room and, at the same time, is able to paint an incredible match inside the ring, making the good guy even stronger in defeat but also making people hate the villain for winning.