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Eddie Howe: Life at Newcastle and FFP restrictions

Eddie Howe recently sat down with Gary Neville for a weekly episode of his show, The Overlap.

The two discussed a range of topics surrounding the career and life of the current Newcastle manager, including a couple key topics of high interest for Newcastle fans.

Howe adapted extremely quickly to life up North, he said: “I instantly, when I came to Newcastle, felt at home and happy.

I felt that instant connection and I think that in part goes to how I feel translates through the team.”

The former Bournemouth manager joined Newcastle in the 21/22 season whilst battling relegation following the departure of Steve Bruce.

When Neville questioned what success looked like for Newcastle and the overachievements of last season, Howe responded: “Fourth was never in our eyes last year, it was a case of could we build from the previous season.

Last season Newcastle secured Champions League football for the first time since 2003 as well as reaching the Carabao Cup final.

“We hit fourth and its almost a case of we’ve climbed so quickly so early, where do we go from here.

For us we are hugely ambitious; we never take a step back.”

Despite all the success so far, Newcastle now faces strong battles with the rules of Financial Fair Play, in which Howe said: “Whenever you hear Newcastle mentioned externally, its always richest club in the world tag that goes next to it.

That’s been difficult for us because there’s almost that pressure on us even though we aren’t living that reality.

I’ve come from a club like Bournemouth that had to invest to grow, so if the owners have got the money and wants to invest in a safe way and put the money into the club then why cant they spend that money, I think that’s how football should work.”

The club sold fan favourite Allan Saint-Maximin in the 2023 summer transfer window in order to help battle the restrictions.

“Maxi was a player that I absolutely loved and yes, he was slightly different to the conventional wingers that I’ve had in the past, a magician with the ball.

Loved working with him, that was again financial fair play, it was hitting us, so we had to lose Maxi at that moment.”

Howe went on to emphasise the clear plan the club has had in the transfer market following the takeover: “We are recruiting players at the moment who are up and coming, haven’t hit their best levels, try and get them early, develop them and they grow into those players.

The strategy combines with Howe’s morals as a manger, saying: “I’ve always had the firm belief that every decision we make is always taken with a long-term view, but also the short-term view is both mixed in.

I never make a short-term decision that impacts the long term negatively.

With the summer window quickly approaching, Howe and the club are again tasked with finding the right players combatting the challenges of FFP.