St. James’ Park expansion said to be preferred over new build

According to reports, Newcastle United are set to go ahead with expanding St. James Park rather than building a new stadium.

This will come as welcome news to the large majority of The Magpies fanbase, as moving away from the iconic stadium would have been a sad moment in the club’s history.

The plans are set to increase the stadiums capacity to around 60,000, as well as making the facilities inside more modernised.

However, the rebuild may complicate potential plans for the European Championships in 2028 – with Newcastle being chosen as one of the cities for the tournament.

Also, moving the stadium away from its location could be potentially cause issues for the Stack fan zone that is set to be completed very soon, which is just outside of St. James Park.

It is not yet known how the stadium’s capacity will increase, however there are multiple ways of doing so.

One option could be to expand the Gallowgate West Corner and to the same level as the Milburn Stand – which would involve building over Strawberry Place.

Secondly, the stadium could involve moving the pitch to allow more space for the expansion of the East Stand and the Gallowgate Stand – this would however mean a reduction in size to the Milburn Stand and the East Stand