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Team Sunderland Table Tennis Womens BUCS journey continues

Sunderland Women’s Table Tennis Team continued their BUCS journey as they travelled into Newcastle University Sports Centre to play the second round of the Northern tier 2b. 

Unfortunately, with still being a player short, Silke Heinen was yet again left to fend for herself since obtaining players has been such a difficulty. This did not stop Sunderland’s Heinen from performing to the best of her ability. 

Sunderland Womens were up against York Women’s 1sts playing against the talented and tactical Harshita and Emilie. First up was Heinen vs Harshita, in this match we saw some great tactics with Harshita’s amazing attacking versus Heinen’s sly defensive style. Despite Harshita’s efforts and game plan Sunderland’s Heinen walked away with a 3-0 victory with the scores in the sets being 11-9, 11-3, 11-9. 

Next up was York’s Emilie who went head-to-head with Sunderland’s Heinen. As with the match prior, there were some amazing attacking skills being shown as the defensive style could not tame her, with Emilie still able to attack past any shots Heinen could throw at her. This then showed Heinen had the upper hand on the game and came through with another 3-0 win with the scores in sets being 11-5, 11-6, 11-9. 

The York Women still win 3-2 as Sunderland had to forfeit the other single matches and doubles match due to lack of players. An amazing team to play with super potential as the round robin continues. 

Next up was Durham University who only had one player show up on time, so this meant that Sunderland took the win as a walkover. However, the first match was still played and Sunderland’s Heinen won the match 3-0. 

After a good day of playing table tennis the day ended, Sunderland Women’s Table Tennis travel down to University of York on February 14, 2024 to compete in the third round of the Northern Tier 2b BUCS Round Robin.