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Hebburn Town’s long wait for Wembley

Hebburn Town’s clubhouse in February 2020 before the FA Vase game against Plymouth Parkway

Last season’s FA Vase finalists Hebburn Town have told SportsByte that they are open to the idea of playing the non-league Wembley showpiece behind closed doors.

Hebburn Town spokesperson, Kieran Archer believes that the continued delay in playing the final has led the club to consider that playing the match behind closed doors might be the best outcome for the club.

He said: “I think if a behind closed doors final was offered to the club now, it would be heavily considered, and I think even the fans that have to miss out would just be happy to see the final happen at last.

“Everyone at the club is frustrated with having this final hanging over us without knowing the date.”

He adeds that both club’s initial decision to postpone the final in September was based on the belief that the Covid-19 situation was improving.

“When we both lobbied to postpone it, it was at a time when people were optimistic that the situation around covid-19 was improving in general and it didn’t seem like it should be too long before fans would be allowed back in good numbers.”

However, the Football Association have claimed it is “very important” for fans to attend the Wembley clash.

Regarding the postponement of last season’s non-league Wembley clash between Hebburn Town and Consett AFC, an FA spokesperson told SportsByte; “We regrettably decided to postpone the 2019/20 Non-League Finals Day, which was due to take place on Sunday 27 September 2020.

“It is incredibly important for the participating clubs’ fans to attend this event in significant numbers and we are working closely with the relevant authorities to ensure that this event can be staged safely and securely at Wembley Stadium at the earliest opportunity.”

On that score the Hebburn Town are in agreement with the footballing authorities and are adamant that the game should eventually be played. Not least because the rewards on offer both on and off the pitch would be a massive boost for the club.

“Reaching the final of a national competition which almost every club at step 5 and 6 enter is an incredible achievement and to win it would be the proudest moment in the club’s history.

“I’m not on the inside of the financial aspects of the club, but many clubs before us such as Morpeth and South Shields have benefited massively from a run in the Vase, not just because of the prize money, but because of the extra interest and sponsorship as well.”

When that final will be played is still in question and Hebburn are hoping for the game to be played in the new year, leaving a short gap between last season’s final and this season’s final.

“I think a spring final is very likely, it depends on Wembley Stadium’s schedule as well. But I think it is very realistic that last season’s final and this season’s will be within a couple of weeks of each other.”

Hebburn Town begin their FA Vase campaign this weekend when play host to North Shields. Meanwhile, their opponents in the final Consett welcome Maltby Main to the Belle View Stadium.