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James Clark wants to “get the right balance” ahead of the season opener

Team Sunderland Men’s Football 1st team manager, James Clark, has wished his squad well ahead of the new BUCS League season.

The team play York St John 2nd team this Wednesday and Clark wants to “get the right balance” before the game.

A message was posted to the Team Sunderland Men’s Football Facebook page early on Tuesday, setting the team up before their first match.

Clark said: “I would like to thank everyone who has attended trials and training sessions, it’s been a thorough success and I am pleased to see lots of new faces amongst the returning players.

“Standards have substantially increased and it has given myself and the other coaches hard decisions to make.

“As I have discussed with you all, the decisions taken have not been done lightly and purely in the best interest of men’s football and whilst we understand that people will be disappointed, it’s important to know that we are one big family and this is only the first game of the season and everyone, whatever squad you are in initially will all have a big part to play over the course of the season.

“To the players who haven’t made a squad this week, please don’t be thinking this is the end, it is not and there will be plenty of scope to be part of the teams going forward as we get the right balance and blend of players together to win together and achieve lots.

“Thank you again for all your hard work up to now, the real work starts come Wednesday.

“Good luck. If anyone has anything they would like to discuss please get in touch and we can pass it onto the coach.”

Team Sunderland 1st team are in action at York St John University Sports Fields on Wednesday for a 2pm kick-off against York St John 2nd team.