Newcastle Benfield Vs Bishop Auckland FC Preview

Bishop travel to Newcastle Benfield this weekend in hopes of securing more points to ensure their safety in Division One.

The last meeting for these two teams was back in October when Newcastle Benfield beat Bishop 7-1.

Bishop now sit 17th in the league after beating their neighbours, West Auckland Town 1-0 on Saturday.

Newcastle Benfield are 10th in the league.

Newcastle Benfield beat Thornaby 1-0 on Saturday; however, they were beaten by Whickham on Tuesday night 6-0.

Luckily for Bishop, Northallerton only got one point at the weekend and Penrith didn’t get any.

They are now two points away from Penrith and one point from Northallerton meaning their safety is still not ensured.

In the 34 games Bishop has played in the league they have only had nine games where they have scored more than one goal, one of them they scored three.

In them nine games, four were wins, four were loses and one was a draw.

There are 4 games left in the league and Bishop need to fight to get points to stay in Division One.

Bishop have signed two goalkeepers, Donald Lato, 19 and Ben Escritt, 38.

Lato has worked closely with goalkeeper coach Paul Pringle.

Escritt has played for Whitby and Guisborough as well as other clubs previously.

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