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Team Sunderland Esports gets season underway

The first week of Team Sunderland Esports has concluded with club president Edie Brady “really proud” with four sides coming out victorious across a range of games. 

In what is a learning experience for several of the several teams who worked alongside each other for the first time, but wins were still record in Splatoon 3, Valorant, Overwatch 2 and Super Smash Bros Ultimate. 

Play of the game in the 2-1 Overwatch 2 win against Manchester Metropolitan.

Overwatch 2 captain Zack (RodianRebel) helped Team Sunderland to a 2-1 win over Manchester Metropolitan when he earned play of the game, with the other result a 2-0 loss against the University of York. 

There were three fixtures for the Splatoon 3 team, one of which being a. 3-0 win against Kings College London in the National Student’s Esports Winter Tournament. While the Valorant team earned a 13-8 win against University of London. 

Smash Ultimate were also victorious against near-neighbours Northumbria University. It wasn’t to be for the League of Legends contingent this week, a similar fate for Apex Legends who ranked 30 of the 50 teams competing. 

Committee president Brady, who competes in Splatoon 3, praised her teams performances: “I’m really proud of how well the teams have played, there were some very close games & for a lot of students it’s their first times playing as a team together.” 

Team Sunderland is hosting a charity stream this Sunday between 7 and 10 pm to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness. In what promises to be a casual affair, a ‘Phasmophobia’ night will be live on Twitch.

Watch the full Apex Legends stream from last week, which was hosted at /AFK Bar here: